What Attorneys Want to See in HR!

A great article for any Business seeking an HR Consultant, like me! Or looking to fill an HR role in-house. These traits are hard to find rolled into one person, and when you find them–recognize the asset to your organization! A person with a look-ahead mentality (i.e., What possible consequence could come from this decision?). A person with enough confidence and courage to disagree offering respectful advice to the contrary of your path. A person who can find humor in nearly everything, after all much of HR is heavy most the time. If we can’t laugh, the alternative is pretty grim! 🙂 A person who cares about his/her customers–the employees. And finally, a person who takes seriously his/her obligation as an HR Professional to do all he/she can to protect the Business Owner and Organization utilizing the HR knowledge and experience attained. To do this, recognizing potential risks, taking them seriously, and always considering why the business exists–to do business and make a profit! If you’re seeking THIS kind of HR Consultant, give me a call!


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