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Are you overwhelmed by what you may not know about HR? Are you unsure about whether your business is complying in the various areas of HR Compliance and applicable HR practices that may apply to you? Areas such as: Workforce planning, Recruiting, Selection, Retention, Recognition, Onboarding, Performance Management, Payroll, Compensation Analysis, Policies, Procedures, Employee Handbook, OSHA required Safety Training, HR-related Training, etc.

HR Engagement, LLC will assess every HR area of your business. We will provide you plenty of feedback on what you are doing well, and address those areas that need your attention. And, we will prioritize those problem areas based on compliance urgency to allow you to work them into your budget!

This is a great resource for any Small Business!

Engagement Workshops

Did you know that statistics tell us that a majority of employees leave their current Company, not because of pay or benefits, but because of their Supervisor? HR Engagement, LLC will customize Engagement Workshops for your current Supervisory or Leadership Team. These Workshops can be held an hour at a time, scheduled to be half-day, or conducted for the entire day at your site or convened off-site.

After an assessment of your Management Team’s needs, a recommended slate of training topics for your Leaders will be provided for your consideration. These Engagement Workshops will provide an environment for your Leaders to come together to focus on how to improve their leadership skills and communication, which if implemented, will enhance employee relations, improve employee retention thereby lowering employee turnover.

Remember! A happy employee is a productive employee!

HR Engagement, LLC provides a holistic approach for your business to cover all your needs and cares.

Listed below is just a sample of the multitude of services we offer.

Performance Management Programs:

Employers need to have a documented system in place that reviews or evaluates their employees. It can be a once per year or an ongoing process.

Compensation Analysis:

 We can conduct an analysis of similar positions to provide you with  information to determine starting pay or pay increases. Paying competitive rates will attract and retain needed talent.

Employee Handbook:

A must for any size business! Let us write your first one, or make sure the current one is compliant and up-to-date! Updating every two years is best-practice!

Job Descriptions:

Another must for employers! Job Descriptions are included in a number of scenarios, such as: performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, FMLA events, Workers’ Comp injuries, etc.

Job Hazard Analyses:

These are required by OSHA for every position. We can provide instruction or we can conduct the analyses ourselves.

HR Compliance Audits:

Everything from Employee files to I-9s to Payroll documents. We can conduct a review of any HR related area.

Corrective Action Procedures:

Consistency is KEY, especially in the area of Discipline. Be sure you respond to each employee’s disciplinary event according to the precedent established.

Training your Entry Level Staff:

We can provide on-site or virtual training to your Office person assigned with HR tasks who has little to no experience in HR.

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